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Our friends in this area of Southeast Asia (specific location not mentioned for security reasons), have their hearts and hands full working in communities and coming to the aid of children at risk of all ages, as well as coming alongside villages where leprosy has taken its toll among the elderly, through loving care, listening ears and medical assistance.  We have visited these friends, and are so blessed to join with them to financially assist in their worship to Jesus as they touch many lives.  Among the work they do are these:

Abandoned Children

 •  Rescue abandoned babies and children

 •  Operate in tandem with a government children's home for long-term care of children with disabilites

 • Work as an intermediary for placing children in foster care and adoptive families


Surgical Fund

 •  Target financial support and medical expertise towards families at-risk of abandoning their children due to medical costs or social pressures

 •  Provide transportation to hospital, funding for surgical procedures and follow-up care for impoverished and orphaned children

•  Provide cleft-lip and palate repair surgeries to orphans and current and former child soldiers


Child Soldiers

• Coordinate with regional military groups to see child soldiers moved from armed-conflict zones into schools

• Support conflict zone based orphanages with nutritional advice, staff trainings and healing ministry

• Work towards setting up family run group-homes to place rescued child soldiers

Plans are in development for the purchase of coffee farm land on which will also be foster homes for these traumatized children and teens to bring physical, emotional and spiritual healing as well as to restore to them the joy of childhood, educate them and train them in life and vocational skills to prepare them for adulthood.  The coffee farm will also be part of a long-range self-sustaining plan, enabling them to be even more effective in broadening the scope of their outreach.

Please join with us in blessing this region of the world.